Don’t be afraid, be prepared

A health and safety inspection probably ranks high on the list of events
likely to give a company manager sleepless nights – but there is no need to be
frightened, according to Simon Longbottom, an inspector with the Health and
Safety Executive in his illuminating presentation on what to expect when the
inspector calls.

Longbottom started off by describing the powers of the inspector which
include being able to enter workplaces at any reasonable time; examine and
investigate; direct that things be left undisturbed; take measurements,
photographs and samples; take possession or arrange dismantling of anything
dangerous; interview and take signed statements; inspect and copy documents;
issue improvement and prohibition notices; prosecute individuals and
organisations; ask for reasonable facilities and any other necessary power.

He described the different types of inspection from the traditional
unannounced blitz to the new approach of single-issue inspections – this year
noise has been chosen – and the management audits which large organisations
will undergo.

He concluded by taking the problem of asbestos and outlining how a company
should go about constructing a health and safety policy with regard to this. A
good company policy on this will would ensure that they could comfortably
anticipate and deal with the inspector’s call.

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