Driver forced out by bullies’ jibes

truck driver awarded a “plonker of the month” certificate by colleagues has won
a case for unfair dismissal against logistics firm Christian Salvesen.

tribunal ruled that driver John Peachey had been subjected to sustained bullying
and was part of what was called “unacceptable management practices” at the
company’s Gloucester depot.

had complained to his line manager about the way he was bullied, talked down to
and made fun of.

as the treatment persisted, Peachey went off sick in May 2000 and resigned in
July of the same year. He is now driving for another firm.

chairman Michael Griffiths said the behaviour of the depot management amounted
to constructive dismissal.

said, “Mr Peachey was subject to unacceptable treatment by his superiors and
the implied terms of mutual trust and confidence were breached by Salvesen, not
only by the issue of the certificate but by the continuing attitude of his
immediate superiors.”

amount of compensation has yet to be agreed.

spokesperson for Christian Salvesen, said, “We have already taken action to
ensure that our employees’ best interests are served.”

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