Driving a good deal for skills

Ian Goodwin, 52, training and development manager of Peugeot Motor Company,
reveals his plans for a complete LMS for the dealer network and managers

How long have you been in this job?

Six months following a restructuring of the department, and a change in our
overall approach to training and development.

How long have you been with your organisation?

24 years

What does your role involve?

Developing learning solutions to meet the needs of our dealerships sales
staff; monitoring and measuring the effect of our current range of courses;
establishing career plans for all dealer-ships sales and management teams.

What are the best and worst things about this job?

The best is the variety – no two days are the same. The worst: reading some
of the rubbish written in motoring magazines. The industry has moved on from
the sheepskin coat, fat cigar ‘have I got the deal for you’ approach.

What is your current major training project or strategic push?

Developing our Training Learning Zone, a complete learning management system
for the Peugeot dealer network. Every eligible employee will have a personal
training and development plan that equips them with the skills required to
deliver the best possible purchase and after sales experience to our customers.

What did you want to do for a living when you were at school and what was
your first job?

To be a footballer – and I achieved my ambition and played for Oldham
Athletic, Falkirk, Coventry City and Brighton and Hove Albion.

What was the worst training course you ever experienced as a delegate?

A product course on ‘Compact Vans’. The trainer used over 100 overhead
projector slides in the first hour. I don’t think I was the first to go to

How do you think that your job will have changed in five years’ time?

I feel the emphasis will change to distance learning, e-learning supplied
not only by companies such as Peugeot, but through a variety of government and
specialist agencies.

What do you think will be the core skills for your job in the future?

IT skills, but to achieve results managers will need to be coach, leader,
planner and organiser.

Describe your management style in three words or less?

Enthusiastic, passionate, detailed

Which courses and learning experiences have been most useful for you?

Any ‘Train the Trainer’ course run by Tim Russell.

Which is the best management book you have ever read?

Managing Work Life Balance by David Clutterbuck , CIPD Publishing

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