DTI staff braced for wide-ranging job cuts

Nearly 1,500 staff at the
Department of Trade and Industry are
to lose their jobs this week, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

On Friday afternoon last
week, the DTI’s executive board informed the deparment’s 10,200 staff by e-mail that the precise
details of the job cuts will be revealed this week, the newspaper reports.

It says 200 jobs will be axed
at the DTI’s UK Trade and Investment Department, with a further 270 at other
agencies such as the Office of Fair Trading.

The sharpest cuts will be made
at the DTI headquarters in Westminster,
which employs 4,200 people. In all, 1,010 jobs will go, with the department’s
Small Business Service expected to suffer the deepest cuts.

A DTI spokeswoman told the Sunday Telegraph: “We intend for the
majority of these cuts to be made quickly over the next year, although some
will be made over the following year.”

By Daniel Thomas





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