Dutch construction industry trainers opt for eXact learning solutions’ systems

Fundeon – a consultancy centre for the building and construction industry in the Netherlands – wants to ensure that Dutch industry professionals are effectively prepared for future needs of the industry and that they have the most up-to-date knowledge on technical solutions.

To achieve this, a complete learning solution was needed. To be able to implement a complete solution for focused training to fill specific knowledge gaps and keep industry professionals aligned with new working methods and technologies, it turned to the leading learning content management and digital repository solution provider, eXact learning solutions.

Having implemented eXact learning solutions’ products and systems, Fundeon has seen its share of the Dutch building and construction industry training market increase – now making it the market leader in vocational training to the Dutch building and construction sector. Moreover, studies show that trainees believe that they have experienced higher quality training materials than previously and, thanks to improved instructional design, the effectiveness of the training has increased too.

In addition, Fundeon has seen its operating costs fall and it has been able to optimise content creation and management processes – introducing a template-based approach, rapid learning content creation, and the reuse of existing learning objects (LOs).

Under Fundeon’s new learning solution (www.bouwinfranet.nl), trainees receive learning content via different channels, including printable pdf, classroom-based instructor-led training (offline) and web-based (online) training. In particular, eXact learning solutions tailored Flash LO models to Fundeon’s requirements to provide rich media content.

“We’ve developed plug-ins for rapid e-learning content creation,” explained, Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of eXact learning solutions North America. “This makes converting PowerPoint training materials into Flash learning objects quick and easy.

The complete learning solution includes a learning content management system (LCMS), learning management system (LMS) and an ePortfolio Management System. These systems cover the entire cycle from learning content authoring to delivery, based on identified, personal skill gaps. The solution for LMS, ePortfolio and apprenticeship management is based on the Percepium LMS, ePortfolio and Skills Management Solution.

The solution is fully standard-compliant (SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004), which ensures the real-time information transfer between the ePortfolio system and LCMS and LMS platforms. Fundeon is able to manage information, such as personal details, course enrolments and tracking information across all these systems.


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