DVD from Belbin on the relevance of team roles in the workplace

18 years since their first venture into training films, Belbin have decided to make a new film, introducing the relevance of Team Roles in today’s workplace.

Their new hour-long DVD, Fire Toast and Teamwork illustrates Belbin Team Roles, and begins with an animated sequence, using the skills of Triffic films.

After this imaginative introduction, the DVD moves on to a more traditional ‘case study’ where we see a team in action.

Not your average management team, the challenge is set to ‘expand the cultural influence of their cave’.

Fluent in Team Role Theory, we see how this knowledge enables the team to come up with…fire!

The DVD extras take an in-depth look at each of the team roles in turn.

Advice is provided on how best to play each role and how to manage and work with people who have that role.

Fire, Toast and Teamwork culminates with a Q&A session with the man himself, Meredith Belbin.

This is a rare opportunity to gain real insight into the whys and wherefores of Team Roles

The DVD is accompanied by a facilitator’s guide which includes handouts and slideshows, as well as helpful suggestions for potential workshops and exercises.

Fire, Toast and Teamwork is ideally suited to any trainer, consultant or organisation passionate about teamwork and keen to understand its importance in maximising potential.

Nigel Belbin, partner in Belbin, says – “I hope that this film will give both newcomers and people already familiar with Team Role theory a perfect understanding of its relevance in the their own workplace.”

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