e-biz in brief

week’s e-biz in brief

makes it an even smaller world

relocation site Directmoving.com has extended its services to include: travel
health insurance, via an agreement with Securus International; and an
accommodation finder via Estate.net, offering a worldwide database of
properties. A further agreement with Travhealth.com allows HR managers to check
what risks are prevalent in a particular country and download medical records
to a designated physician in the relocation destination.   www.directmoving.com

security theme to exhibition

IT Security Show is an event aimed at helping senior managers understand and
address the IT security issues in their companies. A conference programme runs
through the event and legal experts and industry specialists and groups will be
on hand with case studies and tips. The two-day event takes place on 14-15
February at Wembley. Visitors can pre-register on the web site or call 020-8394
5141.   www.securityshow.com

helps job-hunters check salary rates

is a recruitment site for property professionals, which offers candidates a
salary tracker giving up-to-the-minute salary comparisons set
against a range of variables including location and experience. Recruiters can
subscribe to the site with charges notified before you subscribe.
Propertejobs.com is the first of several similar sites being introduced by
recruitment portal JobBloodhound.com.  www.propertejobs.com

up on management know-how

Institute for the Management of Information Systems’ (Imis) web site provides
careers advice on information systems and details about the Imis examination
syllabus as well as its code of professional conduct. A members’ services
section will be added later this year which will include interactive on-line
meeting capabilities, debates and distance learning packages.  www.imis.org.uk

tribunal track record checked

professionals can check whether a prospective employee has been involved in an
industrial tribunal courtesy of employment-solicitors.co.uk. The service,
provided by Tribunalinfo.com, details the date, location and case number of the
tribunal, plus details of parties involved and the decision and award.  www.employment-solicitors.co.uk

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