E-leaning news in brief

This month’s e-learning news in brief

– A total of 40,000 staff based worldwide at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
joined together recently to hold what is believed to be the world’s biggest
simultaneous training session. During a 40-hour time period, staff in 140
hotels across 65 countries attended a one-hour training event to support a host
of new global service initiatives. The event was designed in partnership with
people management consultancy Academee.


– QA has developed a web-based career-planning tool that helps employers
plan career progression and staff development. Career Paths can be customised
and mapped onto an organisation’s existing job roles and specific skill set
requirements, and can be linked to any catalogue of courses that the company
wishes to use.


– Wide Learning has launched a suite of four courses designed to help
organisations fulfil legal obligations and comply with anti-discrimination
legislation. The courses, which can be delivered via the intranet, the internet
or CD-Rom, are aimed at companies which want to promote a diverse workplace and
minimise their risk of discrimination litigation.


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