E-learing news in brief

This month’s e-learning news in brief

– Money-go-Round is a new CD-Rom developed for the Basic Skills Agency (BSA)
by e-learning providers CNDL, which sets out to reduce the number of adults
(about seven million) with numeracy problems. The BSA has commissioned a second
package called MoneyPower.  www.cndl.co.uk

– A working knowledge of IT is a pre-requisite for the majority of jobs in
the UK today, according to Access Denied, a recent report from the e-learning
Foundation into the current state of e-learning in UK schools. The Institute
for Employment Studies estimates there will be 27 million e-workers in Europe
by 2010. www.elearningfoundation.co.uk

– E-learning Manchester Exhibition and Conference will take place on 18-19
March at the city’s G-Mex centre. The opening address will be given by Jay
Cross, CEO of the e-Learning Forum in the US and author of Implementing
e-learning. He will outline how Europe can learn from America’s e-learning
mistakes and claims he will also "show how you can make more profits from
e-learning than Manchester United makes from football."  www.e-learningevent.com

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