E-learning an aid to training not a solution

HR professionals have to use e-learning to improve flexible training and not
just to cut costs.

David Wilson, managing director of e-learning consultancy eLearnity, said
e-learning is not the complete answer to companies’ training needs, and that it
should be combined with traditional classroom learning.

He said, "Learning systems might reduce travel and delivery costs. But
a big company developing the right system is a £1 million project, so the
saving is not that great.

"The advantage of e-learning is the advantage of being able to reach
employees on the road at any time."

HR professionals were warned not to let their training managers – who see
e-learning as a threat – slow down its implementation.

Neither should employers passively offer access to e-learning on the company

He said, "Do not be lazy and put learning facilities on the company’s
intranet and say that X amount of employees have access to this training

"The danger of doing this – and I have already seen it – is that two
years down the line employees will lack key skills and knowledge."

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