E-learning creates social enterprise culture at Barnardo’s

Leading children’s charity Barnardo’s, working in partnership with online learning developers Nelson Croom, has released two new elearning programmes which inform professionals about ADHD and behaviour in schools.

The training courses form part of a new training, learning and consultancy service Barnardo’s tlc.

It is thought that between 3 and 7% of school-age children in the UK suffer from ADHD; the condition is around 5 to 9 times more likely in boys than girls.

Evidence links genetics and inheritance, although the full cause isn’t yet known. ADHD has received much negative publicity and ADHD Awareness separates the myths from the facts.

Concentrating on three key areas – ADHD: The facts, Living with ADHD and Managing behaviours – the course will enable professionals such as social and health workers, teachers and the police to better help and work with affected children and young people.

The second programme, Promoting Positive Behaviour, supports teachers in managing and reducing challenging behaviour in primary school.

 It has been developed from material produced by experts at Barnardo’s Scotland who currently offer face-to-face training and printed materials for schools and local authorities.

 Schools in 30 out of 32 LEAs in Scotland have used this material in some form. Bringing the course online makes this expertise and support available across the country.

Both courses are now available from Barnardo’s tlc.

“These are key issues in our work, and are particularly hot topics at the moment. It’s an ideal opportunity for us to pilot elearning which we feel will help make our experience and expertise available on a much wider basis than we are currently able to offer using traditional methods of training only” says Julian Walker, UK Director of Policy and Research, Barnardo’s.

“Of course our first priority is to help and protect vulnerable children – that’s what Barnardo’s is about. But we must not lose sight of this as a commercial venture. Nelson Croom have enabled us to develop products that, we hope, will not only help those children but also generate income for Barnardo’s that can be reinvested in good causes.”

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Barnardo’s. We have done a lot of work in the not-for-profit sector and always welcome the opportunity to help guide our partners through their first steps into elearning” comments Jacqui Nelson, Business Development Manager, Nelson Croom.


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