E-learning is not only a measure for saving money

E-learning should be introduced to provide the most effective way of
delivering staff development rather than as a way of cutting costs, according
to the CIPD.

Martyn Solman, learning, training and development adviser at the CIPD, told
delegates at the HRD conference last week that e-learning will only be
successful if it is introduced to address individual business needs rather than
to save money.

"The trap of e-learning is that it is seen as a way of saving money,
but it is not about that, it is about change management," he said.

Solman also stressed that managers must support e-learning initiatives and
be convinced of their worth if they are to add value.

"It is important to get line managers on board, as they are the ones
controlling staff development. If they do not see e-learning as important, it
will be marginalised. What makes e-learning training important is having the
organisation’s support which gives employees time and space to grow," he


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