e-learning news in brief

This month’s e-learning news in brief

– Pathlore’s learning management system (LMS) has been certified by
e-learning standards groups the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Co-Laboratory,
and the Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee (AICC). Pathlore is
the first LMS vendor to be certified by both groups. It means customers can
trust the vendor’s claims regarding interoperability between the system and
content. www.pathlore.com

– The PeopleSoft User Productivity Kit is a multi-language content and
development tool for creating customised content documentation through to
classroom – and web-based learning material. The kits allow organisations to
produce, deploy and publish training content and, as well as English, supports
French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian and

– The latest version of Click2learn’s interactive authoring software,
ToolBook 2004, allows users to create realistic simulations more quickly,
offers advanced support for e-learning standards and better assessment
capabilities, and provides more flexibility when it comes to creating
interactive web content. The programme is based on AICC and SCORM standards which
means that ToolBook content can be easily tracked through learning management
systems which support these standards. www.click2learn.com

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