E-learning training pilot for RAF

The RAF is commissioning training consultancy LINE Communications to convert
one of its mandatory training courses for Tornado aircraft managers to
e-learning as part of a bigger plan to implement online learning across the
Ministry of Defence (MoD). The course is aimed at officers and senior
non-commissioned officers assuming management positions within Tornado

"This is one of a number of pilot projects aimed at increasing our experience
of e-learning prior to the anticipated launch of the MoD-wide e-learning system
known as DELDMC," said squadron leader Keith Watt. "We are looking to
see both where and how e-learning works for the student, the trainer and the
operating unit in the RAF".

LINE is working closely with the RAF on the content, much of which is being
re-used and re-purposed from existing material. The four-hour programme
comprises a blend of text, graphics and photography, along with animations of
fly-throughs to give context to complex technical elements.

LINE also collaborated with the RAF to utilise existing lesson plans. A
major consideration was to ensure the content is future-proof because it will
be posted on the DELDMC, which is yet to be implemented.

"In terms of content, the challenge was to create learning material
that is as good as or better than a classroom experience, and to position
e-learning in a blended way as this content forms part of a week-long
course," explained LINE’s chief executive Piers Lea, who added that it was
also crucial to build a relationship of trust and confidence with RAF training
staff, as for many, this was their first taste of e-learning.

"It was important to be seen as credible, and to add value in front of
subject matter experts and experienced classroom trainers," he says.

Andy Key, a director at LINE who is closely involved with the project,
believes the RAF commission represents the next wave of e-learning

"The focus has shifted away from the LMS to the user and trainer
experience," he said. "Content leads this debate. The approach the
RAF is taking indicates a very strategic and holistic approach."


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