• Develop clear guidelines for the organisation

• Set up central intranet folders for non-critical social/personal e-mails

• Set up filters and folders to group e-mail by subject and priority

• Use notes and acronyms to indicate how critical an e-mail is

• Use a salutation and sign-off

• Put a clear message in the subject field – even avoiding body text if possible


• Send an e-mail if you wouldn’t bother saying the same thing on the phone

• Copy people into e-mails unnecessarily

• Forward e-mails that still contain old, irrelevant messages

• Forward attachments where an html link can be used instead

• Reply to an entire group if you only intend it for one person

• Use capital letters unless you’re intending to convey a “shout”

• Allow your inbox to become more than one screen-full

• Send an angry e-mail

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