e-skills UK invites input to new strategic plan

e-skills UK today released a consultation for its five year strategic plan for England, seeking input from employers, educationalists and other stakeholders with an interest in the UK’s IT & Telecoms skills base.

The consultation is focused on five strategic objectives and approaches proposed to address them.

The consultation material also contains the key facts that underpin these objectives, the vision the objectives support, and the targets to be achieved.

Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK, explains the consultation is a vital part of developing a successful strategy:

“Our job is to unite employers, educators and government to ensure the UK has the technology-related skills it needs to compete in the global economy.  Effective partnerships are central to achieving this, and we value input from everyone with insight and views on the subject.  This will help us to create a strategic plan which has widespread support and can make the biggest impact on UK productivity and competitiveness,” said Karen.

e-skills UK’s consultation invites comment and feedback on a range of topics including addressing the gender imbalance; updating the school curriculum; deepening links between industry and Higher Education; improving access to learning for IT professionals; supporting small companies; and making the best use of public funding for training provision.

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