Editorial comment

The recent period of economic uncertainty we have been going through has
certainly had an impact on the interim market. But – as this issue shows –
interim managers are in demand across all sectors.

The battle to establish interim management as a discrete way of supporting
businesses – and HR teams – has been won. Even in lean times, interims are seen
as a crucial resource for organisations in both the public and the private
sector. And there’s a broad range of issues that interims can help with.

Just to jog your memory, in this issue we look at the 10 key areas an
experienced interim can tackle – from crisis management to international
expansion. Another key issue is industrial relations, and we take a detailed
look at the ways in which HR directors can benefit from the expertise of
interims who specialise in this field. Food for thought for anyone who has
scratched their heads over the finer points of TUPE – next time this comes up,
you could benefit from outsourcing this to an interim who has been through this
process with organisations of all kinds.

Finally, we also look at the nitty-gritty of working as an IM – how do you
build relationships and trust if you are handing out redundancy notices, or helping
an organisation through a period of intense uncertainty and change? Our opinion
piece looks at ways of winning the trust of an in-house HR team.

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