Guide to interim management

Welcome to our Guide to Interim Management, a selection of four articles looking at how interim managers could be a wise buy in current market conditions.

Tough economic conditions mean organisations are looking for flexible ways to meet their targets and build up their workforce.

Interim managers offer a realistic solution, so it’s not surprising that the Interim Management Association reported a 55% rise in revenue among its members during 2007.

And your typical interim has adapted to this uncertain climate. Driven by a desire for independence and a more varied career, they come into organisations and aim to deliver from day one. Most positions are at senior management level, and interims are frequently called upon to turn around underperforming businesses or manage a restructure.

But according to research from consulting firm Chiumento, organisations are still taking a reactive rather than a strategic approach to hiring interims. What’s more, they’re not doing enough to embed the knowledge and skills that an interim manager brings to their organisation.

Savvy HR professionals must see the credit crunch as an opportunity rather than a threat. Why not exploit the flexibility that interim managers offer and make the most of their skills to benefit the wider workforce? When the economic outlook is brighter, your organisation will reap the rewards.

Jo Faragher, editor

Interim management: More than just a temp

Demand for interim managers is on the increase, but whether you’re hiring or looking to move into interim work yourself, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Georgina Fuller reports.

Trade secrets of interim management

Managing an interim manager throws up different challenges to employing a permanent member of staff. Tara Craig asks the experts how best to handle the interim lifecycle and meet your goals.

Interim management: Crunch time

Permanent hires have reached a low, but that doesn’t mean employers have stopped recruiting. Seasoned interim expert Nick Robeson explains why interim managers are wise buys in uncertain times.


Interim management: case studies of interims in action

The range and number of interim assignments is growing exponentially – below we feature just a few examples of interim success. Stephanie Sparrow reports.

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