Editorial Training launches English courses

A new suite of courses aims to help companies present themselves professionally and effectively.


How good is our English? HR and personnel managers often despair at the poor grammar and spelling displayed by job applicants. But are senior managers really any better?


Increasingly, people are beginning to realise that school and university gave many of us an inadequate grounding in correct English. At the same time, media attention and a groundswell of opinion in favour of improving standards mean that, from a corporate point of view, the issue has never been more important.


Editorial Training has just launched four one-day courses designed to help companies avoid the pitfalls associated with poor grammar, spelling and punctuation. They are: Know Your Grammar (27 September), Proofreading in a Business Environment (4 October), Editing in a Business Environment (18 October) and Editing and Writing for the Web (23 October). Each event costs £225 and will be held in central London.


According to Editorial Training’s Manager, Lynn Barkho, ‘Many businesses need to sharpen their proofreading and grammar skills. Customers are becoming more and more discerning in this respect and brochures that contain mistakes will end up in the bin. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective total solution by delivering four short courses that cover all the key skills.’


For more information, visit www.edittrain.co.uk or call 0845 0171 059.

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