Education should be the sole responsibility of government

So the government expects employers to arrange and fund the training of employees to achieve functional literacy and numeracy levels (Personnel Today, 12 December and 2 January)? While I wholeheartedly support the training and development of staff in the workplace as sound business investment, I do not see why employers should pick up where government policy on education has failed.

In my book, ensuring young people leave school with a functioning level of numeracy and literacy should be a basic government aim. However, with the great emphasis on achievement targets and good quality exam results, many schools end up promoting high-performing pupils, teaching them how to pass exams, to the detriment of those who need special assistance, time and money to reach a basic level. Far too often, these kids are left by the wayside or end up in poor-performing ‘sink schools’, while wealthier parents are able to move house to make sure their child gets into a good one.

If the government is serious about tackling this problem, it should take responsibility for this issue, rather than leaving it up to employers to sort out the mess it has made.

Denis Parsons
HR manager, Western Mortgage Services

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