Elevation Learning launches high intensity training seminars (HITS)

Event date: 29 January 2009 and 5 February 2009 

Elevation Learning has created a brand new programme of high intensity training seminars (HITS) to enable professional services firms to continue to develop their fee-earning staff in the tough economic market. Managing director Calvert Markham explains: “HITS focus on enhancing performance in specific areas such as ‘Winning Business’, ‘How to Gain Competitive Advantage’ and ‘Developing Personal Effectiveness’ – all vital skills with the oncoming recession.”

The seminars are held in central, easy to reach locations, and run at the beginning or end of the working day to minimise time spent off client site. “They last a maximum of three hours, yet we guarantee that consultants attending will come out with innovative new tools and techniques that can be applied immediately in the workplace,” Calvert continued. Markham, former Chair of the Institute of Business Consulting and a Professor at CASS Business School, said that in the current financial climate it was more important than ever to keep key sales and delivery people happy. Calvert said: “The training budget is often one of the first things to go in tough times. However, continuing personal development is key to morale and loyalty. When the market picks up, firms will need their core talent to be in place and raring to go. If you stop all that activity, you risk disillusioning your capable staff and having them go elsewhere. “Investing in a programme like HITS enables our clients to continue to inspire their key people, but without breaking the bank or having them spend valuable time away from their customers.”


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