Email Mortgages launches corporate staff benefit package

Email Mortgages, the mortgage advisory practice providing customers with tailored fee-free advice online via email, has today launched a new offering for firms looking to provide their employees with access to mortgage advice.

By signing up to the proposition, firms can now ensure their employees have mortgage advice at no cost to the employer or the employee. 

The service can be added to the firm’s staff benefit package to ensure its employees are able to receive independent mortgage advice and access the most suitable and competitive products available.

Email Mortgages provides its professional, regulated mortgage advice online via email communication, allowing an employee to secure their mortgage at their convenience. 

This means that employees do not need to spend time out of work visiting an adviser and the service also avoids time-consuming telephone calls in office time. 

The service is also discreet in that staff have no need to discuss their salary or financial details within earshot of their colleagues. Essentially, all employees will now be able to arrange their mortgage from the comfort of their PC, laptop or Blackberry.

Employers can deliver details of the service to their employees, for example, via a link on their intranet site ensuring that access to mortgage advice is always available. 

Once the staff member sends their initial introductory email or fills out the confidential forms on the website, the adviser takes them through the entire mortgage advice process online. 

With Email Mortgages advisers use the very latest mortgage sourcing technology allowing employees to receive their advice and recommendations in minutes rather than days. 

Martin Gilsenan, Corporate Relationship Executive at Email Mortgages, commented:

“With this new proposition for corporate firms, Email Mortgages is reaching out to the large number of employees who may otherwise not receive professional mortgage advice.  Email offers a bespoke service to firms which meets the needs of employees, particularly those who work in a busy, fast-paced office environment. 

“By adding the Email Mortgages proposition to their staff benefits package, firms are providing a value-added service at no charge to themselves or their employee.  They are also ensuring staff are better informed and more productive as our service provides a new ‘third-way’ for receiving advice online meaning there is no need for often lengthy face-to-face or telephone interviews. 

“Many consumers may be tempted to use a price comparison sites to source their mortgage. Email Mortgages couples the benefits of accessing this information online with the added protection of regulated advice.  We identify the right mortgage for each customer based on their eligibility and suitability – something the comparison sites cannot achieve. 

“Given the economic environment at present we are sure firms will be looking at ways to protect their staff and ensure they get the right financial products for their circumstances.  By linking with Email, employers can be certain that the mortgage needs of their staff are taken care of and they are receiving appropriate, unpressured whole of market advice.”

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