Employee recognition tops loyalty factor poll

The top three drivers of workplace loyalty in the UK are employee
recognition, open and honest communication and strong teamwork, according to a
Manpower international survey.

The study also finds that only about half of the 347 UK HR managers polled
believe their companies’ recruitment and retention strategies are effective in
creating loyalty.

Manpower chairman and CEO Jeffrey Joerres unveiled the survey results last
week in a keynote session at the WFPMA 9th World Congress in Mexico.

The research reveals that almost a quarter of UK HR managers believe
employee loyalty has decreased over the last three years, while 23 per cent who
believe it increased.

Over the next three years, many HR managers take a more optimistic view: 42
per cent expect employee loyalty to increase. Only 20 per cent of the 737 UK
employees surveyed expect their loyalty to rise.

Joerres warned delegates against adopting a "one size fits all"
approach to creating employee loyalty.

He said: "You must change your programmes depending on your population.
One challenge the HR director has is that they develop one programme and give
it to all employees. You can create ‘saboteurs’ and disloyalty even if you have
a good programme for 80 percent of your population."

In discussion on the survey, John Steele, group personnel director for BT
plc, said he believes effective line management is crucial to staff loyalty.

"The challenge is that line management own these (loyalty) programmes.
It’s very important that the line management experience, day to day, is a good
one. It is clear this is a major factor."

By DeeDee Doke

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