Employees concerns consigned to waste bin by bosses

bosses are failing to listen to employee concerns, according to a new survey.

today, research commissioned by Video Arts finds that topping the list of
employee worries are bosses who refuse to listen (24 per cent), closely
followed by those who believe their appraisals are a waste of time (19 per
cent) and employees that dread confrontations with their boss (13 per cent).

18-24-year-olds most dread getting ‘caught out’ by their bosses (37 per cent)
during their appraisals. 

92 per cent of respondents believe performance reviews could be beneficial if
done correctly.

main business benefits were thought to be improving morale (43 per cent),
increasing motivation and productivity (39 per cent) and helping staff
retention (10 per cent).

By Quentin Reade

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