Employees don’t have the time to take up training

Employees are failing to take up training opportunities because they have
too much work to do and cannot find the time.

The IPMS trade union says even when staff do find time to attend courses,
the training is of little benefit because they are not given the opportunity to
put it into practice when they are back at work.

Lack of time was cited by respondents to the IPMS union’s annual training
and development survey as the major obstacle to taking training and practising
newly acquired skills. Respondents blamed line managers for failing to free
them up either by reallocating work or extending deadlines.

Eight out of 10 said they are offered professional and technical training by
their employers. Seven out of 10 have a personal development plan listing their
training needs. Yet less than half said these plans are acted on.

Respondents said designating "official" time for training would
encourage them to take it. Four out of 10 of the 1,300 people who completed
questionnaires called for more opportunity to practice the skills learned in

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