Employees suffer from work-related insomnia

More than 40 per cent of employees suffer from lack of sleep
because they are unable to switch off from work, research reveals.

The survey by totaljobs.com also shows that one in five
workers believe they under-perform as a result of work-related insomnia and 5
per cent even admit to falling asleep at work.

One in four people find it more difficult to sleep on a
Sunday night than a weekday because of concerns over uncompleted tasks awaiting
them in the office.

Returning from holiday is also identified as a stressful
time, with 20 per cent of the 500 people surveyed finding it difficult to sleep
the night before they return to work.

One in 10
employees admit to coming into work the day before they are due back from holiday
or having updates sent by post or e-mail so they can catch up before returning
to the office.

By Ben Willmott

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