Employees want coaching to improve business performance

The majority of London workers (77%) feel that executive coaching would improve their performance at work.

This is the result of a poll among London employees undertaken by The School of Coaching – Europe’s longest established institution dedicated to the development of coaching skills. Over half of those questioned (57%) also said they would feel jealous if they felt a colleague on a similar level was receiving coaching at work.

The research also revealed that companies in the West End were more likely to offer employees executive coaching than those in the City. Just 23% of people working in the City said their companies offered coaching compared to 56% in the West End.

Myles Downey, managing director and founder of The School of Coaching, said: “The fact that the majority of workers feel they have more to give and that their performance could be improved with the use of coaching support means that UK Plc could be missing a trick in developing and retaining staff.

“There is much talk about financial reward not being the only motivator of employees. Our insightful London poll would suggest that employees could be motivated by offering business coaching which is used not only to improve performance but enjoyment of work and therefore has a positive effect on the bottom line.”

He added: “Executive coaching is no longer the preserve of the boardroom. Innovative companies that care as much about their staff as their profits are looking to coaching at all levels. Being at heart of one of the world’s leading economies, UK Plc risks doing its employees a disservice by failing to recognise and develop their potential.”

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