Employers not ready for Net, managers say

quarter of business managers believe they do not have the necessary skills and
experience to work in the dotcom sector, according to a report by Ashridge
College released this week.

found that 60 per cent of the 500 Ashridge alumni who responded to the survey
believe employers are not properly prepared for the Internet. Only 17 per cent
of business managers have adequate leadership skills.

and retention of talented staff is also a key consideration the respondents
feel companies have to address to be successful. Half of the respondents
claimed that working for a dotcom is too risky.

author Helen Wildsmith said, "After the tech-stock bubble burst last
April, several commentators decided the Internet was merely a fad that has had
its day. But only 1 per cent of the managers believe the Internet is not
important to the organisation they work for."

report also reveals that e-learning is under-used, with only 25 per cent of
respondents claiming they have used the Internet to learn new skills, although
85 per cent of those feel it is effective.

than 75 per cent of the respondents occupy senior positions in their

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