Employers urged to amend policies in light of impending corporate killing law

More than half of the UK’s employers are not prepared for the impending Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, which is expected to come into force this year.

These firms face hefty fines under the proposed legislation, which will make it easier for organisations to be convicted of manslaughter from work-related deaths and injuries.

A survey conducted by business information provider Croner found that 51.4% employers were not prepared for the Act, while 47.9% believed it would not affect them.

Croner is advising businesses to take steps now to review and implement progressive health and safety policies, with 21 July marked as the Bill’s expected introduction date.

Under current law, organisations can only be convicted of manslaughter where a management failure can be identified. Government proposals aim to make large businesses liable to conviction where there is a work-related death or injury stemming from management failure.

Stuart Mutch, field operations manager with Croner, said: “The complexity of current law has allowed companies with severe safety management failures to escape prosecution in manslaughter cases.

“In light of the new proposals, organisations that are not meeting current health and safety standards need to start reviewing structures and policies now, rather than later.”

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