Employment Law Handbook, 2nd edition

A handbook on employment law? How will that work? Surely employment law is
the fastest changing subject around at the moment, and not one on which you can
risk using an instantly out-of-date resource, such as a book? That is, unless
it’s very well written, as this one is.

Law Handbook, 2nd edition

By Daniel Barnett and Henry Scrope
The Law Society, 2004
ISBN 1-85328-970-1
Reviewed by Julian Burch
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It gives you the background and a general understanding of each aspect of
employment law in an interesting and engaging way.

It’s true, the provisos and limitations associated with such a subject are a
bit irritating at times, but what can you expect? You’d get the same if you
spoke directly to a lawyer, but they’d be far less likely to explain each point
as clearly and practically.

The writing style allows you to dip in as you need, yet also encourages you
to read a little further around your original topic.

There is also a useful listing of websites that provide further, and
presumably more up-to-date, sources of information. These are a little detailed
in part, and perhaps it may have been an idea to offer all of these as links
from one site.

At around £45, it represents good value for money. No resource today could
possibly keep up with such a rapidly changing subject without a considerably
greater outlay.

Overall, it gets a clear thumbs up from me, and will certainly have a place
on my bookshelf.

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Julian Burch works mainly in the automotive sector of Maritz Learning,
designing and resourcing employee development solutions.

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