Employment law timetable

In March 2005 Implementation of the information and consultation directive
will begin. The Government has issued a discussion paper to canvass views on
issues including the perceived benefits of employees being informed and
consulted and type of information and consultation mechanisms already in place.
Replies must be submitted by 11 December 2002.

From April 2003 parents of children aged under 6 or of disabled children
under 18 will be able to submit a request to work flexibly and employers will
be under a duty to consider that request seriously. They may find it helps to
consider the draft regulations contained in the consultation paper, the
Flexible Working (Eligibility, Complaints and Remedies) Regulations 2002 and
the Flexible Working (Procedural Requirements) Regulations 2002.

Nicola Whitlock, Social Policy Manager, EFSP in association with

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