Employment periods stretch, says survey

workers are experiencing longer periods of employment in the same job, a study
has revealed.

World of Work – Myths and Realities by the Economic and Social Research
Council, interviewed 2,466 employees throughout the UK and found that the
average job tenure rose from 74.3 months in 1992 to 87.7 months in 2000 – an
average increase of one year and two months.

occupations experienced the greatest increase in stability with job tenure
rising by 29 months over the period. This was closely followed by those in
higher management and professional jobs whose length of employment rose by 23.8

not all sectors experienced an increase. Both skilled and routine manual
occupations experienced a reduction. Technicians and supervisors also suffered
a reduction of 1.4 months despite having the second-highest overall job
tenure.  www.esrc.ac.uk

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