Employment policies test HR patience

Nearly three in 10 HR practitioners have spent half their time in the past 12 months struggling to interpret the raft of employment legislation. And up to half of them have taken up a fifth of their time with this problem.

The results come in the full report of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development survey, carried out among 5,000 HR professionals by employment law firm Hammond Suddards, which runs the CIPD’s law helpline. The report features comments from practitioners whose patience has run out over consultation on employment legislation from the DTI (Personnel Today, 11 July).

“The Government should spend a week in an HR department and see how difficult it is to juggle the day-to-day issues with new policies as well,” said one respondent. The report also shows that 55 per cent of organisations questioned have not given specific training to help implement the new legislation.

Sue Nickson, head of Hammond Suddards employment law unit, said, “Employers can be required to take extensive advice about legislation that may have little impact on their workforce.”

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