Energise launches top tips at attracting women to motor industry

The traditionally male-dominated motor industry is becoming more diverse as more women are influencing car buying decisions.


Motor manufacturers and retailers can see the benefits of a better gender balance across the workforce, but how can they achieve this?


Energise, the people development and diversity consultancy, has looked into current good practice and has published an article with top tips to help motor industry employers tap into the full potential of the female sector of the labour market.


Vanessa Boon, Energise Consultant, said, “The latest research shows that women represent one of the fastest growing segments for car sales, however they make up less than 20% of the motor industry workforce in the UK. There are some examples of apprenticeship and awards schemes to attract more women, but the industry is looking for more ideas in this area.


“The motor industry could gain from drawing on the good practices in other sectors such as the police service and property industry. Targeted recruitment campaigns, strong women’s networks, mentoring and training schemes such as the Springboard Women’s Development Programme have made an impact in other traditionally male-dominated sectors.”


The Energise report and top tips on ‘Women in the Motor Industry’ can be found at www.energise.webeden.co.uk

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