Hospitality sector boosts pay to fight skills shortage

chefs are being offered 12 per cent more in salary than a year ago in an effort
to overcome a skills and staff shortage in the industry.

finding, from Labour Market Review 2002, has just been published by the
Hospitality Training Foundation.

says the Foundation, despite top chefs being paid more, the industry still
hosts four out of 10 of the lowest paid occupations in the UK – kitchen
porters, bar staff, catering assistants and waiting staff.

the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of full-time
workers in the sector, the report found.

such as the Working Time Directive are encouraging employers to rethink
employment strategies, it said.

turnover remains high, although this is due in part to the seasonability of the
business, and the fact that 13 per cent of hospitality workers see their job as
a stop-gap to finding another.

account for two-thirds of hospitality employees yet only one-in-10 managers in
restaurants, hotels and pubs are female.

By Quentin Reade

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