Engineering Construction Industry Training Board enjoys success

Last year was a great one for the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) which hailed it as its “most successful to date”.

It spent £18.8m on skills development and training for engineering construction employees. Among the highlights:

  • 614 apprentices registered with 158 companies, up 300% on 2006

  • 2,200 employees signed up to more than 70 professional courses

  • More than 600 staff received ECITB training grants

  • 50,000 staff achieved the standard required to get an ECITB safety passport

  • The number of training centres authorised to offer ECITB qualifications reached 62.

ECITB operations director Tony Featherstone said: “These figures demonstrate the progress the board is making in equipping the industry with the necessary number of highly skilled workers for the long-term.

“We now need to maintain and improve investment levels to meet predicted levels of demand. Therefore during 2008 the ECITB will create a skills plan for 2009 onwards, setting out actions required and resources needed from the government, employers, trades unions and the board itself to achieve the industry goal of securing engineering construction skills for the future.”

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