Employers who encourage diversity reap the benefits

Diversity issues should no longer pose financial or legal problems for employers, with a report out today indicating that organisations which take steps to remove workplace bias are better off than their counterparts.

The report, Talent not Tokenism, found companies benefit from ignoring gender, ethnicity, disability or religion, instead hiring on abilities and potential.

Advantages include:

  • Higher morale, productivity and retention rates
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Help in addressing skills shortages
  • Greater insight into untapped markets.

Compiled by employers organisation CBI and the TUC, the report lists a number of case studies of businesses, ranging from small family-run firms to multinationals such as IBM, who benefited from improving workplace diversity.

“Employers who take steps to encourage a more diverse workforce notice huge benefits from doing so, whether it is hiring skilled staff, understanding their customers’ needs better, or more fundamentally through morale and productivity,” said Richard Lambert, director-general of the CBI.

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