England cricket coach gets to bottom of tragic losing streak

Oh ye of little faith. After a punishing time Down Under, the England cricket team finally came good – just as Guru predicted they would way back in November.

Not only that, but after securing victory in the triangular one-day series against Australia and New Zealand, there was media surprise that England cricket coach Duncan Fletcher had been taking advice from a guru.

Unfortunately for Fletcher, it was not Yours Truly, as no doubt victory would have come sooner than the final week of the tour. However, it is heartening to know that philosophical musings can influence the outcome of a cricket match.

After losing, losing some more and then adding in a bit more losing, the England cricket team were clearly playing like a bunch of beach bums and were in dire need of a kick up the backside. But Guru didn’t realise that the under-fire coach had taken the idea of ‘injecting’ self-belief so literally – apparently misunderstanding the words of Mother Theresa: “When you’re successful, you win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemas.”

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