Enjoyment is the top motivator

The biggest motivators for UK employees are enjoying their jobs and personal

A survey of 372 managers by Roffey Park finds that just under 77 per cent
cited job enjoyment and personal achievement as the factors that motivate them
the most at work. These were followed by personal drive (74 per cent) and
challenges (70 per cent).

Recognition was the fourth most popular motivator (65 per cent), and being
part of a successful team was cited by 64 per cent.

Financial reward was found to be a weak enticement, cited by just 31 per
cent of the sample. Power and opportunities for promotion were ranked even
lower, with 29 and 22 per cent respectively.

The research also finds that the biggest demotivators are lack of
recognition (54 per cent), poor management (53 per cent), bureaucracy (46 per
cent) and lack of time to achieve the set workload (43 per cent). Others
included bad working practices, politics and double standards.


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