Equal pay champ calls for HR data in annual reports

Government’s equal pay champion Denise Kingsmill has called for HR indicators
to be included in company’s annual reports to help reduce the 18 per cent pay
gap and improve corporate responsibility.

called for HR measures, including retention, turnover, and diversity data, to
be made public last week, and questioned the benefit of financial reporting in
the wake of the Enron and WorldCom scandals.

capital management must be moved up the agenda," said Kingsmill at the

can now be argued that financial reporting is not a good way to indicate
performance. HR measures could be better indicators of long-term growth."

speaking at a seminar organised by Gissing, also questioned the UK’s work
culture of presenteeism, claiming the gender pay gap would be significantly
reduced if employers embraced more flexible ways of working.

year, Kingsmill produced a report for the Government recommending equal pay
questionnaires and audits.

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