Ethical incentives and rewards scheme launched that encourages ‘greener’ behaviour

Compliments Green, the first fully integrated ethical incentives and rewards solution, has been launched by Capital Incentives & Motivation, a specialist division of Accor Services, in partnership with Green Rewards.

Compliments Green can be incorporated within any existing employee, channel partner or customer incentive programme or as a new stand alone scheme used as a basis for encouraging ‘greener’ behaviour.

Enhanced staff engagement and performance, improved recruitment and retention, boosted corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials, and a stronger brand image and reputation are some of the key benefits that an organisation can gain by using Compliments Green.

The eco-incentive programme utilises an e-voucher and online account, and operates with a points-based system. Once participants have accrued enough points they choose an environmentally-friendly reward at Green Rewards, an existing internet store that specialises in independently assessed ethical products and services. Green Rewards has an 800-strong portfolio of reward options including clothing, experiences, organic wine, scooters and garden hammocks. This range of reward options is expanding dramatically as demand for true green products increases.

The unique partnership between Accor Services and Green Rewards is a first for the industry and combines the motivation and engagement expertise of the UK’s leading incentive and rewards provider with the extensive product range and ethical elements of Green Rewards.

“Almost half of all job seekers say they are more likely to join or stay with a company that addresses social issues and 23 percent of those who think their organisation is environmentally aware have an increasing sense of motivation*,” commented Derrick Hardman, Managing Director at Capital Incentives & Motivation.

“We believe the innovative nature of Compliments Green, with its e-voucher and ethical principles, will make a difference to businesses both externally and internally. Externally because corporations who are actively considering the environment may be viewed in a better light, which is vital in the current competitive climate, and internally so staff and members of the public – whether they pride themselves on being eco-citizens or just want to feel they’re reducing their impact on the planet – can be motivated by rewards that appeal to them,” stated Hardman.

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