EU members focus on future research areas

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has published a report on
future occupational safety and health research needs and priorities in the EU
member states.

Psychosocial issues (particularly stress) ergonomics (particularly manual
handling and chemical risk factors) emerged as the top priorities for future
research. Nearly all EU member states put these topics at the top of their

The aim of the report is to kick start national discussions in the member
states on these subjects and to contribute to the development of common
European research programmes.

The UK’s Health and Safety Laboratory helped to prepare the report summary.

Top 10 EU research priorities

– Psychosocial risk factors

– Ergonomic risk factors

– Chemical risk factors

– Safety risks

– Risk management in SMEs

– Occupational and other work-related diseases

– Risks in specific activities

– Risk assessment

– Substitution of dangerous substances

– Physical risk factors

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