eUniversities team goes corporate

The Government-backed distance e-learning initiative, UK eUniversities
Worldwide (UKeU), has appointed a new corporate business development team which
aims to create and deliver degree content courses for companies in the public
and private sector.

UKeU’s first course will be launched in January, and the team is in
discussions with a number of organisations to create content specifically
matched to their needs.

"Much e-learning to date has been supply-led, poorly delivered and
touted as a universal solution," says Michael Smith, who leads the UKeU
team. "What sets UKeU apart is its flexible approach to working with
corporations to facilitate the integration with other training methods, while
delivering high-quality, postgraduate degree-level training."

Based on its own research, UKeU says it will be developing programmes in
business management, finance, e-commerce, nursing, bio-sciences, media and IT

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