Events in the UK and Germany lead to record interest in Giunti Labs’ products and services

The leading learning and mobile content management solution provider, Giunti Labs, has reported record numbers of visitors to its stands at both exhibitions.

Andrea Gentili, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Giunti Labs, commented: “In the current economic climate, it may seem odd that so many people – in both the UK and Germany – are investigating LCMS and digital repository technology.

Yet all organisations need to develop and disseminate appropriate knowledge and skills if they are to be successful in today’s increasingly competitive world – and this technology can help them do this successfully and cost-effectively.

“Moreover our work in developing mobile learning applications allow learning materials to be contextualised, personalised and also delivered where and when they are required,” he added.

“This helps to blur the distinction between ‘e-learning’ and ‘performance support’ and, thus, makes it easier for organisations to identify and measure the direct impact of ‘learning’ on their bottom line.

“It is too early to confirm, in commercial terms, the expressions of interest that we have received in our products and services but it is fair to say that the London and Karlsruhe events were our most successful yet in terms of potential sales,” Gentili said.

A truly global company following its acquisition last year of the Australian HarvestRoad Hive digital repository and its current presence in Italy, the UK, Germany, Sweden the USA and Australia, Giunti Labs is about to feature prominently at the Global Learning Summit, which is being held at The Marriott Hotel in Singapore from 24th to 27th February.

At this event, Giunti Labs’ CEO, Fabrizio Cardinali, will be giving a keynote address and making two presentations – one on the latest developments in tools and technologies for mobile learning and one on how using new generation enterprise learning content management systems can help organisations survive the current global economic crisis.

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