Evoking excellence in others (2nd edition)

Evoking excellence in others (2nd edition)

By James Flaherty

Publisher: Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann

Price: £19.99

ISBN: ISBN 7506 79206

Reviewed by Stephanie Sparrow


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I am behind schedule in reviewing this book, which was published in September 2005, but I would urge anyone with an interest in coaching or work-place relationships to ignore my example of tardiness and to read a copy as quickly as possible.

Flaherty has written one of the most sincere, trustworthy books on coaching I have ever come across. It includes practical solutions to establishing coaching but also manages to take in wider perspectives about the whole person and about the personal development of the coach.

The book asks a lot of the reader: it requires time and commitment to think through the author’s ideas and references on truth, relationships and the operating principles of coaching, but it is worth the effort.

Useful? 5 stars

Well-written? 5 stars

Value for money? 4 stars

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