Evolution EAP aims to transform the employee assistance market

Evolution EAP is an innovative and far-reaching re-definition of employee assistance that goes beyond previous benchmarks for service, quality and value for money in the industry.

It is the most comprehensive EAP ever offered and permits organisations access not only to traditional EAP services (such as short term counselling and support and legal and financial advice), but also to a wide range of specialist group and clinical interventions in conjunction with Priory Healthcare.

Underpinning Evolution EAP is the most advanced clinical outcomes measurement system ever designed for EAPs which will, for the first time, directly link service outcomes with the overall efficiency and value for money of the EAP service.

“A shake up needs to happen in the employee assistance market to keep up with the changing and varied needs of organisations and their people,” says Alan King, managing director of Employee Advisory Resource. “Evolution EAP makes this change possible by firmly focusing on fulfilling the needs of clients and encouraging employers to steer away from selecting purely product-focused EAPs that match budgets rather than the actual needs of employees.”

“Our investigations tell us that the EAP industry is increasingly perceived as not fulfilling clients’ needs and becoming overly product, rather than customer focused. To continue to grow and remain successful the industry must stay in touch with clients’ needs and maintain committed to the delivery of customer satisfaction,” comments King.

“By selecting Evolution EAP organisations are defining their focus on and commitment to finding positive outcomes for their people. It demonstrates their willingness to undertake significant organisational change to address the root causes of issues such as stress, bereavement and substance abuse,” he says.

“Evolution EAP is a broader and more inclusive EAP than has previously been available in the market. By offering core, short and medium term EAP solutions alongside other specialist psychological interventions we can meet the needs of individual employees and dramatically improve workplace performance,” says King.

“Integral to the new Evolution EAP is our ability to systematically evaluate the outcome of EAP interventions. We have also incorporated thorough feedback and evaluation systems so clients can be sure we deliver the best-fit service that can be adapted and guided to meets its needs as an organisation and support the needs of individual employees,” explains King.

The Evolution EAP is available to organisations from 10 January 2008.

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