Executive Diploma in Leadership Development, Cambridge Online Learning, www.cambridge-online-learning.co.uk

How long?
The course takes a full year to complete and is delivered entirely online. The time taken to complete each assignment will vary but on average, expect each assignment to take around two months to complete, where home study averages seven hours per week.

Entry requirements
This programme is designed for senior managers, so experience, rather than formal qualifications, will be required to enable students to complete the course.

The course is structured around seven assignments, including: identification of the leading and managing topic, business intelligence and information systems, corporate integration relationships, creating the vision and assessing feasibility, co-ordinating resources and developing the plan, and implementation of the plan. Finally, students carry out an evaluation of their own management learning.

Career opportunities
Students will develop a greater awareness of the role of leadership that senior managers need to develop – both for their own career and the development of their organisation – and a broader understanding of the work of other functions.

The online nature of the course enables students to fit it around their workload; it is also accessible as those without formal qualifications can take the Diploma.

Cambridge Online Learning has Cambridge International Associate Partner status – an internationally recognised accreditation from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).


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