Executive education goes online

The London Business School is enhancing its executive education programme
with live, interactive online sessions delivered directly to participants’ home
or office PCs via the CentraOne platform.

"We were looking for an innovative way to expand the global reach and
impact of our executive education programmes," explains Ian Hardie,
associate dean of executive education of the school. "So they must extend
beyond the physical walls of the classroom."

Currently, London Business School Executive Education works with more than
60 leading international companies, 75 per cent of which are headquartered
outside of the UK. Using CentraOne, participants from corporations around the
world can take part in the executive courses online in real-time, without the
costs and inconvenience associated with traditional classroom delivery.

CentraOne comprises a suite of integrated, real-time web applications,
content creation and composition tools, and knowledge delivery systems that can
be installed on-site or run as an application service provider (ASP-based)
model. The applications include the facility to set up Web meetings, virtual
classrooms and online conferences as well as the ability to run multimedia
applications over low-bandwidth network connections through a standard browser.



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