Expacare provides medical insurance for your staff overseas

Expacare, one of the world’s leading providers of international medical insurance, have launched the Corporate Advantage Plan which will make favourable underwriting terms available to companies with fewer than 5 employees together with their families.

Such groups will not only benefit from these underwriting terms but will also benefit from corporate pricing.

Beverly Cook, Managing Director, Expacare, says, “We have been offering “medical history disregarded” underwriting terms to corporate groups of five or more employees for some time. However, recognising that many new companies start small and grow rapidly, Expacare are really pleased to announce the launch of the Corporate Advantage Plan”.

The plan with be subject to a common renewal date of 1st October and acceptance on these favourable terms and rates will be subject to completion of a brief medical declaration from the company.

Beverly Cook concludes, “We at Expacare feel that this is an exciting opportunity for companies starting up overseas and hope this will help them on their way”.

Visit www.expacare.com for further details.

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