Expenses slip through the monitoring process

Most employees, at one time or another, have been tempted to see if they can squeeze the odd extraordinary item through expenses.

But new research from hotel chain Travelodge has uncovered a rollcall of the cheekiest expenses claims submitted this year, highlighting how expenses can be abused if companies don’t actively monitor them carefully.

Working with recruitment firm Office Angels, Travelodge questioned 16,000 secretaries and PAs about their experiences of submitting expenses claims on behalf of their bosses.

The top four dodgy expense claims that were actually reimbursed are:

  1. A £20,000 bill for the re-spray of a private helicopter
  2. Two tonnes of dried white bait to secure a hunting licence in Zimbabwe
  3. Two bills for entertaining the same client on the same day at the same time
  4. A dry cleaning bill following a four-day trip to Cannes for five suits, three cocktail dresses and an evening gown

However, several finance departments saw sense and rejected some claims pushing the realms of acceptability. These included the bill for a new hedge trimmer and a replacement pair of shoes and trousers, claimed after the new employee stepped in wet cement outside the new office entrance.

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